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All pets are required to be up-to-date with their

vaccinations and should be fit and healthy to the best

of your knowledge. All illnesses, infections and injures

must be disclosed before the grooming session. If

your pet is injured or falls ill during the grooming

session ,Charlotte's Pet Parlour has permission to

administer first aid and call/take the pet to the nearest

Veterinary Surgeon. Any charges from the vet will be

paid promptly by the owner unless injury is a direct

result of negligence by Charlotte's Pet Parlour.

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Owners must inform Charlotte's Pet Parlour, prior to

grooming, if the pet bites or has aggressive tendencies

as this will help us to prevent any harm coming to your

pet and ourselves. Charlotte's Pet Parlour also reserves

the right to refuse service to those that pose a threat to

other animals; whether it is a health problem,

aggression problem or parasite infection.

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Matted/neglected fur will need to be clipped off (with

consent from the owner). In this case the owner will be

made aware that shaving matted fur off may uncover

skin problems and may cause irritation to the skin, so

extra care should be taken. If the pet has fleas,

Charlotte's Pet Parlour will only be able to continue with

the groom if the owner consents to a flea bath. This will

incur an additional charge dependant on the size of the pet.

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No shows or cancellations with less than a 24 hours’ notice will be unable to make another appointment until they cover the full cost of the one that was missed.


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